Packaging Consultancy

Packaging Consultancy

"Optimum Packaging Balance."

Packaging market analysis has determined that most information in the packaging industry is derived from merchants, sales teams and distributors with specific products and services to sell, for specific manufacturers. Unfortunately, those sources don't always have the correct solution to sell for all packaging projects and sometimes, because of self-interest, the wrong products are proposed.

Fluent in design and experts in packaging, Pactelligence has a valuable mix of expertise which comes from under one roof. It is quite often challenging for packaging users to keep up to date on the changing capabilities of the packaging world and these challenges are often difficult to overcome using traditional procurement methods.

Your current organisation structure may not give you the focus needed to identify and optimise the packaging reduction possibilities. Pactelligence can undertake an objective and impartial study across your business and present changes which will make a difference.

  Cost Savings: Cost reduction through intelligent procurement, material selection and design efficiency.
Optimise material cost & performance of the packaging system.
Populate, manage and implement robust packaging specifications.
  Reduction of
Ensuring legal and environmental compliance and the introduction of cost down benefits, whilst maintaining technical suitability.

How many people have an input into your packaging and how many have perceived or actual responsibilities? Are accountabilities clear? Are your suppliers selecting the appropriate materials on your products to meet your requirements?

Within Pactelligence, our unique approach gives you access to a new type of dedicated service which offers uncompromised freedom of choice when evaluating packaging.