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Klikstor Archive Storage Box

"The ultimate in archive storage solutions."

The Klikstor retains the strength and quality of the traditional archive storage box style with its double layered base, and enhances the strength of the double layered sides through a unique adhesion process, prolonging its durability . . . . . . only the assembly problems have been removed!

Klikstor Storage Box and Lid
  • Patented design!
  • Enhanced durability!
  • Assembled in seconds!
  • User friendly!
  • Collapsible for re-use!
  • A range of standard sizes!
  • Personalise the print to promote your brand!

If you're looking for the ultimate in storage solution, why not consider the advanced design, which features a double layer of material around all four internal side walls, as well as retaining the self-locking double layered base.

On average you can save 12 seconds assembling each box. If you are using 5,000 boxes per week, this would save in excess of 16 hours per week, or over 22 working weeks per year.

· Exclusive agent in Scotland.